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Add a water feature to your landscape

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Here is a small pond / fountain , where the water runs through holes and down the face of a few large stones .

Large stones with natural holes for the water to come through great way to hide the water line .
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natural ponds
japanese theme ponds
endless fountain pondscapes
water features
They even look beautiful in winter
Add the beauty and sound of water to your landscaping

Bring the birds in with water

Relax to the soothing sounds
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Enjoy nature in your back yard even in the city
birds love water along with other animals

Here is a pond that has 3 full curtain
waterfalls down the stream bed
The customers supplied the stone cutting down on the cost for them
A bamboo water feature that is self suspended
water features cost less and are great for attracting nature and adding to your gardens
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lighting for the evening

Here is a large scale waterfall feature. See it as it went together