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Yard Beautiful
Fencing for privacy, children and pets
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Fencing sometimes a must in the cities and suburbs..  Privacy for your backyard BBQ events
Or for your use of your new pool or hot tub
Arbors for shade or for your grape vines

Here we have a grape arbor
with a seating bench
2 brick pads on both sides
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Poly fencing , this job was done near little Harbor Door County with sod added for a small area to let the dogs loose . With steps from the decking and a gate to get in and trim the grass . 
Spit rail fencing 

a great way to seperate the lawn from the woods
simple yet beautiful
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A nice buffer from the neighbors being in your backyard
Done with a custom lattice top 
Here is a before and after
This woman has small dogs and needed a nice looking fence and some lattice work added under her porch to allow the dogs free time in the lawn without harm or mess