Nothing like a center piece something to bring a family together .
Whether it's gas or real wood it will increase the value of a home .
And real stone will give it that perfect look , an original every time .
Wow ..  What a value .  What a beautiful display , nature
is it's own artwork .  Note everything from the corners,
the window . Even the landscaping itself shows better with the stone .
Look at the design and the Architecture

This isn't done with culturered stone .
All the stone is hand picked and delivered . Whether by Rockhounds or another company working with us .
And if the cost of your whole house is too much , keep in mind the thought of a chimeny and the accent it brings to a home .
The chimney is from Ephriam  and this front entrance is from Fishcreek .
A great view of a job done near the Landmark resort in Door County .

Done in 2003 . with Rockhounds stone and And landscaped with boulders
A beautiful addtion to a house on Clarks lake

Just a nice accent to a home can make a world of difference
Gordon Lodge
Just up past Bailey's Harbor on Cty Q
Gordon Lodge used Rockhounds stone on there new resteraunt
The clearing in Ellison bay has a new addition and used Rockhounds Door county fieldstone