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Rockhounds of Door county was started back in 1997 .  It is a small business with only the Husband and wife running it . We have an 11 year old daughter that comes along to help and do whatever she can .

We enjoy as much notice as possible on stone accounts that customers or contractors want done .  We as owners also are busy with family and our regular jobs .

Not that customer orders come 2nd .. Rockhounds is priority one with me . What ever cannot be done by us as a family I take care of .

We are quality oriented and hard working . We are a family business and hope our family of customers and contractors grows with us .

Below are our photo's as of spring of 2005 . Two large stone orders came through and we needed stone ready for April . 

Quality hand picked for your home
Quality hand picked for your home
Door County fieldstone

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1 920 256 1230